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Veranstaltungen, Aktuelles

CyberClassroom_togo beim Chemie-Lehrer-Kongress in NRW

Vorstellung der neuen VR Chemie App in Düsseldorf mit unserem Bildungssponsor Evonik. Im Vordergrund des diesjährigen Kongresses standen neue Unterrichtsmaterialien, darunter Unterrichtsmaterial zu „Innovationen aus der Chemie“...  more →

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Dive into a new world full of knowledge


Our CYBER-CLASSROOM is a digital learning environment that makes the invisible visible and tangible.

The software consists of Virtual Reality (VR)-modules that have been developed with our partners in an open innovation process and that are available for different hardware like 3D TV, 3D projector, VR-glasses and interactive whiteboards. They are available locally or online. Trainees and students can explore complex material immersively and interactively. Advantages...

We are looking for more education sponsors!

You are a pioneer and drive innovation forward? Then we are looking for you as an Open Social Innovation (OSI)-Partner!

Opportunities to support us range from financial funding to ideas. An efficient network awaits you!...