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17. & 18. Mai 2018 | Kunstmuseum Stuttgart vermittelt Schwarzwälder CyberART

imsimity gibt Schulklassen und Lehrern Einblick in das Lernen in Mixed Realities - auch im Kunstunterricht ...  more →


86" CyberTouch-Display als Alternative zu Smartboards neu im Angebot

Die CyberClassroom-Familie ist um ein weiteres Produkt reicher: Ab sofort steht für den Virtual Reality-Unterricht ein 86-Zoll großes, interaktives Touch-Display mit integriertem PC zur Verfügung...   more →

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Dive into a new world full of knowledge


Our CYBER-CLASSROOM is a digital learning environment that makes the invisible visible and tangible.

The software consists of Virtual Reality (VR)-modules that have been developed with our partners in an open innovation process and that are available for different hardware like 3D TV, 3D projector, VR-glasses and interactive whiteboards. They are available locally or online. Trainees and students can explore complex material immersively and interactively. Advantages...

We are looking for more education sponsors!

You are a pioneer and drive innovation forward? Then we are looking for you as an Open Social Innovation (OSI)-Partner!

Opportunities to support us range from financial funding to ideas. An efficient network awaits you!...