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School Edition


3D learning material for general subjects and topics. Suitable for the use in secondary education (from about 10 years to 16 years), synergetically also from grades 5 to 13; comprehensive schools, Realschulen, Gymnsien (higher secondary education).



3D learning material for subjects and topics relevant to vocational training.Suitable for the use in vocational schools from the first year on and for technical Gymnasien (higher secondary education) from grade 5 on.

Academic Edition


Development environment for 3D material in all subjects and topics at universities and universities of applied sciences; includes all available 3D modules. Suitable for the use in lectures, projects, Bachelor and Master theses.

Professional Edition


High End Virtual Reality Visualization environment for companies and instutions, includes and editor to develop learning modules for service training etc.

3D-Learning modules and editor options

3D-Learning modules and editor options for different uses at school, university and companies are available here. This includes general subjects like math, biology, physics and chemistry from grade 5 to 12/13 or for on-the-job training f.e. in medicine or in microsystemstechnology.

We offer immersive and interactive learning scenarios for interdisciplinary subjects like technology and environment or arts and sports in 3D stereo quality. An individual 3D-learning module has been created for fire safety education.

Overview - available modules

Please contact us to request an overview of our available Cyber-Classroom modules.

Mail to kontakt@imsimity.de