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Cyber-Classroom "school edition"

Our Cyber-Classroom school edition is an interactive real-time 3D stereo learning platform. It allows you to choose from a menu which subject you would like to train for: biology, chemistry, math, physics, arts and the category “How and Why”. More than more than 70 learning modules are available for these subjects and are ideally suited for students from grade 5 through 13.

Students and teachers can experience these learning environments with different intuitive interaction devices. Our software is available in up to four languages: German, English, French and Dutch.

In addition to that, the library feature is an integral part of our school edition. This interface allows you to play 3D videos (ogv-format), visualise 3D pictures (jpg and png) and 3D data (collada, object and vrml).



  • Up to date technology motivates and fascinates children.
  •  Studies show (Texas Instruments, IWM Tübingen), that students’ results improve by up to 52 % when using interactive learning methods like 3D stereo visualisation
  • Our 3D real time engine allows you to experience and study everything from small details to gigantic objects from every angle
  • Animations, pictures and videos help to present and explain complex topics in an easy-to-understand manner

More facts and arguments as well as best-practice examples…

Hardware Tip:

We recommend to use the “school edition” with our Mobile Interactive Centre, 3D TV and VRiiD or to use the online version with your whiteboard.

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