Cyber-Classroom Users are part of different educational institutes

3D learning has become an integral part in almost all areas of education thanks to our different Cyber-Classroom editions for schools, vocational schools, universities, on-the-job training or further education and service training for the industries.

For efficient training our customers from the industry have been using Virtual Reality Technlogies and 3D visualization for many years already.

Universities as well have integrated a number of 3D and VR Labs, making this innovative teaching technology and VR accessible to BA and MA students and their projects. The Cyber-Classroom is also an interactive exhibit in science institutions and museums for children.

Now schools and vocational schools will also be able to use this technology for their lessons. Our pilote school and their supporters that were among the pionieers together with the Cyber-Classsroom team have had only positive experiences. Reports from the field show that cooperative development and implementation pf 3D learning modules create a future-oriented learning method.

One reference for our school edition: Freiherr-vom-Stein Realschule in Krefeld. Thanks to Evonik's education sponsor programme for chemistry this secondary school now works with a Cyber-Classroom since June 2012. When the learning environment was officially handed over and put into operation the slogan was "Our Cyberclass-Classroom is here!".The project teacher in charge, Jutta Reinelt, said: "To our students the Cyber-Classroom offers the possibility to undertstand complex topics thanks to 3D technology. Our school is very happy to be able to offer this new technology to our students.".  (more references)