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Funding for companies

New learning and teaching methods are an important hallmark for schools and stand for the headmaster's innovative drive. But how to fund them when you need to make other investments - like renovaing the gym - as well? How can you ensure innovation in schools in times of constant budget cuts?

Our slogan is "companies promote education". Large and medium sized companies fund education by providing the financial means and ideas - for example by introducing the 3D Cyber-Classroom and its new way of learning.

Our nation-wide C3-Labs provide a network and a plaform for schools and universities and offer opportunities to get in touch with sponsors.

Evonik - the pioneer of our Cyber-Classroom education sponsoring project

"Education in the natural sciences and technology is underrepresented in the German education system. Often these subjects start to late and even inspired teachers are not able to motivate students. Evonik does his part to change that. With his education sponsoring programme the company helps to improve chemistry lessons – and to impart the joy of experimenting." Excerpt from Evonik's CR-report 2011 (PDF-Download)

Evonik is our main sponsor for chemistry.

We are looking for more companies that want to pave the way to innovating the education system in Germany.


Evonik Industries is a world leader in specialized chemistry. They focus on growing mega trends and conquer attractive emerging markets. Evonik is our CC education sponsor for chemistry.

Become an education sponsor!

Choose your own subject and create your learning module! Our OSI-Team with its experts for didactics and 3D develops your Cyber-Classroom learning module in cooperation with you!

Contact: Martin Zimmermann, imsimity GmbH