Multiple VR-learning opportunities & experiences

Since VR-learning has found its way into classrooms and lecture halls, teachers, lecturers and professors use this technology in different ways. There are hardly any limits for users’ creativity. Every user group decides for themselves how, where and when it integrates the Cyber-Classroom and its components into their lessons.

For instance, interactive 3D-Stereo simulations are used additionally to traditional instruction to transmit basic principles in mathematics or physics as well as for more complex simulations in chemistry.

This can take place in diverse learning environments, i.e. in the Cyber-Classroom Interactive Center in small teams of up to 5 or 6 students. After a short introduction, small groups work out their learning goals of the VR-learning module independently. Simultaneously, other study groups can look for explanations and films online with tablets or PCs or can acquire the subject matter via traditional school books or media.

Thanks to this workstation-based learning a strong group dynamics is established.

Due to the alternation of learning media, suspense as well as a high level of attention is created. E.g. at the end of the lesson every group can present the knowledge they gained via different media.

According to individual performance, repetitions are possible and students can continue their work at home.

A computer whizz can furthermore develop individual 3D modules and integrate them in the media centre of the Cyber-Classroom. We want to encourage a goal-oriented and fun way of learning.

To paraphrase Johann Wolfgang von Goethe:

When difficult things are dealt with easily, we have the courage to look at the impossible."

"With the development and the use of the Cyber-Classroom, we don't only react defensively to the media habits of our students. A school has to actively shape this reality and has to integrate innovative technology in terms of extensive education."

Ralf Heinrich, headmaster of the Thomas-Strittmatter-Gymnasium St. Georgen